Albert Robret (Robert, his "birth" certificate was messed up) Einstein-Solstice

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Albert Robret (Robert, his "birth" certificate was messed up) Einstein-Solstice Empty Albert Robret (Robert, his "birth" certificate was messed up) Einstein-Solstice

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Name:Albert Robret(Robert) Einstein-Solstice
Age:complicated, appears to be 13
Eyes:bright blue
Hair:bright blond
Attitude:very naive, friendly, happy-go-lucky, sometimes says things a little strange
NOTE: was made from a science experiment from 2 individuals, I might post "The story of Albert Robret Einstein-Solstice" later
Immortal Parent:mostly Apollo, very small part mix of the following: Hermes, Athena,
Mortal Parent half bloods relations: 97.5% Alexander, 2% Justin, .5% unknown
Other notable family (optional):noted
Country of Origin:"Camp Half-Blood", as he calls it
Talents:can play instruments VERY fast, music, art
Flaws:confused, VERY naive, gets hurt easily (both emotionally and physically)
Likes: music, art, computers, the sun
Dislikes:darkness, meanness
Powers(must relate to god parent; optional):can manipulate light, can move his fingers very fast, is very good with music and art
Life Before camp half-blood:he wasn't really alive yet
Starting point (where you start in the rp):after he was "situated" with the world
role play Example:
color:this color
Any notes about your characters:

Johnathan,son of Hermes
Alexzander,son of Apollo
Adrian,son of Hades
Ziru,son of Hestia
Natiya,daughter of nemesis
Andrei,son of nemesis
Caspian,son of Poseidon
Matt,son of Hermes
Mike,son of Apollo Grandson of Hades
Jasiri,son of unknown
,son of Hermes
Norman,son of Apollo
Will,son of Apollo
Albert,son* of Apollo
Justin Case,grandson of Athena and Hermes
you can find the rest in my profile under my picture on the side
The Admin! =D
The Admin! =D

characters : Kaito,son of unknown
Kurasenko,son of unknown
Joe,(in underworld)son of Hermes
time zone (important) : Pacific Time (PST) UTC-08
cabins : Apollo, Hermes, Hades, Hestia, Nemesis, Poseidon, *unknown*
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