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Name: Jasiri Greene
Age:unknown, around 13-15
Eyes:blood red, and if you look closely his pupils are also red, but their usually covered by his hair and he dosn't look up much
Hair:very dark black...
Skin:very pale white, almost unnaturally
Attitude:standoffish, quiet, depressed
Immortal Parent:unknown
Mortal Parent: Jasiri claims that his father was Jared Greene, who turned out to be a explorer of Africa in the 1930s and early 40s until he disappeared there, along with his 4 year old son in 1942...
Other notable family (optional):none he can remember
Country of Origin:(claims) Africa
Pets (optional):
Weapon: a sword, also good with daggers
Items (optional):
Flaws:stays quiet, can't sleep well at night, his history is unbelivable, and his apearance is strange to people, and gets easily burned by the sun (but he never gets any darker), and his eyes sometimes move side to side quickly like quivering uncontrollably
Likes:night time (but not necessarily darkness), solitude
Dislikes:people yelling at him, bright sunlight, water, clouds, storms at night
Powers(must relate to god parent; optional):unknown
Life Before camp half-blood:cant remember much, except he heavily claims he lived in Africa with Jared Greene
Starting point: he has lived in camp half blood for about 8 years
RP Example:he sat alone under a tree, his hair over his eyes, whispering something, but the others couldn't make it out. he typically stayed alone, stayed to himself, and stayed inside, but always stood outside in the night and didn't seem to require any sleep.
Any notes about your character:always applies heavy sunscreen... and likes to sit under the moon

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