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Post  Admin on Tue Oct 26, 2010 5:29 pm

just following the rules, my last character was in the example and he is a exception.

Eyes:unnaturally bright blue
Hair:bright blond
Attitude:usually positive and sometimes likes to show off
God Parent:Apollo
Mortal Parent:unknown
Other notable family (optional):no
Country of Origin:USA
Pets (optional):a caterpillar named mo
Talents:playing various instruments, drawing on paper and on computer programs, healing, has experience with solar panels, can brighten rooms, and is excellent at archery
Weapon:bow and arrows
special items:none
Flaws:competitive and is very vain
Likes:art, music, the sun, light,etc.
Dislikes:people who think their better than him and boss him around
Powers(must relate to god parent; optional):can disappear by manipulating light, brighten or darken a room, and can sometimes burn someone, and sometimes create a orb of light in his hand
Life Before camp half-blood:mainly lived in an orphanage
RP Example: he looked at the Hermes cabin. was that the Zeus cabins new TV? oh well, Johnathan did want a 16th one. he said to meet at 5:00. he wondered what he was to do at 5:00
Any notes about your characters:his eyes sometimes glow in the dark
The Admin! =D
The Admin! =D

characters : Kaito,son of unknown
Kurasenko,son of unknown
Joe,(in underworld)son of Hermes
time zone (important) : Pacific Time (PST) UTC-08
cabins : Apollo, Hermes, Hades, Hestia, Nemesis, Poseidon, *unknown*
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