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Post  Admin on Tue Oct 26, 2010 12:16 pm

this is the character template that you will use for new characters. characters need to be approved by "elite"* members. you need to post in the unapproved character forms and they will be moved if approved. and remember, no copying. we do need an oracle, but you have to go on often for that, so the oracle character will only be given to someone with the "been here a while..." rank or higher. *admins, staff members or moderators
AND NO KIDS OF ARTEMIS! but in god parent you can say (for example) god parent:Zeus/hunter of Artemis

you don't need to include the text in red in your form

Immortal Parent (you need special permission for some READ THE RULES!(satyrs,water nymphs and dryads can skip this and anything else related to parrents):
Mortal Parent:
Other notable family (optional):
Country of Origin:
Pets (optional):
Items (you need special permission and can add it later READ THE RULES!):
Powers(must relate to god parent; optional):
Life Before camp half-blood:
Starting point (where you start in the rp):
role play Example:
Any notes about your characters:

if you got permission from an "elite" member, please include their name at the bottom in red and what they gave permission for.

Johnathan,son of Hermes
Alexzander,son of Apollo
Adrian,son of Hades
Ziru,son of Hestia
Natiya,daughter of nemesis
Andrei,son of nemesis
Caspian,son of Poseidon
Matt,son of Hermes
Mike,son of Apollo Grandson of Hades
Jasiri,son of unknown
,son of Hermes
Norman,son of Apollo
Will,son of Apollo
Albert,son* of Apollo
Justin Case,grandson of Athena and Hermes
you can find the rest in my profile under my picture on the side
The Admin! =D
The Admin! =D

characters : Kaito,son of unknown
Kurasenko,son of unknown
Joe,(in underworld)son of Hermes
time zone (important) : Pacific Time (PST) UTC-08
cabins : Apollo, Hermes, Hades, Hestia, Nemesis, Poseidon, *unknown*
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