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Name: john lap
Age: 13
Gender: boy
Eyes: sharp and blue
Hair: blonde
Skin: tanned brownish
Height: 5" ft. 1" in.
Type: demigod
Attitude: very very very very very sarcastic! Always sarcastic and sharp snappy and smart
Immortal Parent (you need special permission for some READ THE RULES!(satyrs,water nymphs and dryads can skip this and anything else related to parrents): zues
Mortal Parent:
Other notable family (optional): heff [step brother on mothers side]
Country of Origin: united states
Pets (optional):
Talents: having quick comebacks
Weapon: sniper
Items (you need special permission and can add it later READ THE RULES!):
Flaws: is sarcastic and when he does not believe something you can NOT convince him! he also does not have the biggest since of humor but he can if it is super funny. He also can not hit anything! no matter what his aim sucks!
Likes: snipers
Dislikes: failing
Powers(must relate to god parent; optional): can get struck by lightning whenever he wants and whenever touches something it gets a LOT of electricity in them WAY too much for ANYTHING to stand! Uless it is immortal then it might just get like sick or something!
Life Before camp half-blood: early on knowing that the gods were real he pretended for heff that that was there real dad not knowing who his dad was though! Finally, after a little time of heff being gone he decided he wanted to go to that camp!
Starting point (where you start in the rp): falling off of olympus
role play Example: " My mom let me leave the house and go to the camp on my own but I did not know I would get sidetracked to OLYMPUS!*says in sarcastic voice* No I DID know I was going to get sidetracked to olympus that is why I STARTED ON THE HIKE YOU MORONS! I EVEN WANTED TO FALL OFF THE BIGGEST BUILDING IN THE WORLD! YEAH I AM NOT BEING SARCASTIC RIGHT NOW! ALL this IS REALLY TRUe! *starts spitting a LOT! wow a stupid bug in my throat I am like a thousand fett up in the air WHY DID YOU DECIDE TO BE UP HERE YOU STUPID BUG! I ALREADY AM GOING TO DIE! Why I have not died yet I do not know!
color: purple
Any notes about your characters:color is purple because lighting is like it is purple blue and he is the son of ZUES

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worthy of a gods battle!
worthy of a gods battle!

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