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Post  ThisIsSadlyNotSparta on Sun Jun 05, 2011 4:35 am

Name: Chloe Tara Huang
Age: 13 1/2
Gender: Female
Eyes: Hazel
Hair: Black
Skin: Asian
Height: 5" 3'
Type: Demigod
Attitude: Bossy, sarcastic, can be nice to people she knows
Immortal Parent: Demeter
Mortal Parent: Adam Huang
Country of Origin: China
Talents: Gardening, planting, good with animals
Weapon: Bow and arrow
Pets: Cream the cow, Katie the Collie, Jake the American Shorthair, Hernando the horse, James the donkey, Dolly the chicken, and Belinda the pig
Flaws: Bossy, trusts to many people
Likes: Green, yellow, brown, plants, animals
Dislikes: Pesticides, snobs
Powers: Can make plants pop up where she is and do her bidding, can speak to farn animals like horses, cows, chickens, donkeys, pigs, dogs, and cats
Life Before camp half-blood: Lived on a farm in California with her dad and little brother, Peter, when a giant earthquake hit and knocked down everything. Chloe was able to save all the animals, but not her dad and her brother. She stayed at the Roman camp for a while, but when the discovered that she was actually a Greek demigod, they sent her to Camp Half-Blood
color: Olive, apparently.
Any notes about your characters: Speaks Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Russian, Vietnamese, and Thai, as well as English and Ancient Greek

characters : Lisette "Liesie", daughter of Poseidon, loves horses
Chloe, daughter of Demeter, loves animals
Olive, dryad, loves nature
time zone (important) : Eastern Time
cabins : 5-Ares, 13-Hades, 11-Hermes, 1-Zeus, 7-Apollo, 10-Aphrodite
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