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Post  hannabug12 on Thu Jun 02, 2011 8:06 pm

Name:persidice arch
Height:4" 8"
Attitude:funny and nice
Immortal Parent (you need special permission for some READ THE RULES!(satyrs,water nymphs and dryads can skip this and anything else related to parrents): posiedon
Mortal Parent:crystal arch
Other notable family (optional):
Country of Origin: usa
Pets (optional):
Talents: surfing
Weapon: none yet
Items (you need special permission and can add it later READ THE RULES!):
Flaws: adhd, dyslexia, anger issues
Likes: dolphins, surfing, loves the water, loves all kind of fish.
Dislikes: dad.
Powers(must relate to god parent; optional): can withstand big water pressure, cant drown, talks to any sea animal, moves water around, doesnt get wet unless wants to, takes longer to burn even in lava. sorry there is so many but, I looked what percy had and took a phew compared to everything HE could do!
Life Before camp half-blood: lived on a beach. drove my go- kart around the beach for fun when I was not in school, scuba dived also for fun, went on a boat everyday for lunch.
Starting point (where you start in the rp): at the beach scuba diving.
role play Example: *scuba diving faraway from my beach house* "What are you talking about?" I was talking to a man i didnt know and he said somthing about a camp in half blood.Turned out the camp was called camp half blood. I didn't know what the man was talking about so he said follow me.
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Any notes about your characters:

worthy of a begginers battle
worthy of a begginers battle

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