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new character by monsterman7655: Hayley Empty new character by monsterman7655: Hayley

Post  Admin on Thu May 26, 2011 7:39 pm

You are probably going to say NO! on this but I think it would be a
really good character and very interesting!Oh, and if this is acceptable
with some changes please do just make them! I really would be happy and
it would be fine I see why you would want to make some changes!




Skin:tanned black

Height:5 ft 2

Type:erm human

Attitude:sarcastic and cockey

Parent (you need special permission for some READ THE
RULES!(satyrs,water nymphs and dryads can skip this and anything else
related to parrents):here is where you will say NO! for sure. They will
not know her immortal parent until she is gone, so it would be unknown
and she would be in hermes, but her real parent that is immortal. Well,
Im afraid to post it, but here it goes. KRONOS. blew your mind huh well
posting the rest of this is pointless because you just said no but
anyways maybe I have a chance.

Mortal Parent:Died at birth.

Other notable family (optional):untracable

Country of Origin: north america, united states, las angelos.

Pets (optional):loves this hellhound that she plays with everyday in this castle thing!

Talents:awesome at archery!


(you need special permission and can add it later READ THE RULES!):If
this is not allowed can you just take it off if you post it on approved
forms. Has a cloak thing that makes her blend into her surroundings.

Flaws:usually loses track of time.

Likes:bows and arrows and her hellhound.

Dislikes: statues

relate to god parent; optional): can shoot light out of her hand but
then will instantly pass out even by the smallest drop. she can also
teleport kind of. Does not know she can do but constantly accidently
does but never knows she did. This actually is because of him being able
to control time!

Life Before camp half-blood: Well, as soon as
her mom died she was sent to a adoption home where she escaped in the
car ride by walking out but to her she was thinking about being out and
she was out and walking. She thought she lost track of time! She came to
a rock and touch it instantly falling in! there was a guard and a boat
but, she pulled out her cloak thing(if this is unecceptable she got in
by hiding in the blackened boat since she is like ALL black!) (which she
somehow had just gotten in a flash if it is acceptable) and got passed
him she found a bow of arrows ( which again she found in some kind of
flash) and she got good at shooting at the age of 1 then she has been in
the underworld ever since! Little did she know her body aged rapidly
from a day old to one year old in a couple of mortal minutes and she was
six in a human month! she was twelve in a human year and now she is not
rapidly aging! Like something aged her real quick and now she is aging

Starting point (where you start in the rp):underworld

play Example:[color=brown]I shot my arrow and it landed right in the
heart. I was proud of myself! then it was not falling over in pain! I
realized it was a statue! Man I really hate statues always wasting my
perfect aims! I lost track of time AGAIN! As I was over there to me it
seemed like a second. I grabbed my arrow and shot at another MOVING
target. Man MY LUCK I would hit a frisbee falling into the river of lost
hopes and dreams! Well I don't know it's real name but, that is sure
what it looks like!


Any notes about your characters: Usually does not get caught doing anything!

I know your thinking she has too much power and I'll be surprised if
you even read down this far but, this would put a REAL twist on the
whole prophecy! You could even have her fight her dad kronos! She does
not even know about her powers! Well, That is all please tell me though
if it is a no if you have read this far because, I don't want to be
checking a bunch of times a day and it has been a no! Question

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Natiya,daughter of nemesis
Andrei,son of nemesis
Caspian,son of Poseidon
Matt,son of Hermes
Mike,son of Apollo Grandson of Hades
Jasiri,son of unknown
,son of Hermes
Norman,son of Apollo
Will,son of Apollo
Albert,son* of Apollo
Justin Case,grandson of Athena and Hermes
you can find the rest in my profile under my picture on the side
The Admin! =D
The Admin! =D

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