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EDIT:now I get it okay
Name: Heff fay stukly
Age: 12
Gender: male
Eyes: blue
Hair: black
Skin: caucasian
Height: 5" 2"
Type: Demigod
Attitude: nice, funny, and always knows his ways with the tools [lol]
Immortal Parent: hephaestus
Mortal Parent: sally white
Country of Origin: greece but he never knew his mom moved before he was born!
Pets: mechanical dog named hamy
Talents: forging pretty fast, finding [or making] secret hiding places, and seems to sense the way things work!
a sword [he made on accident] that can merge into any of his clothes
and will come out by hitting his side twice [into his hands only
though]. It also will come back to him from a string if he throws it
,but it doesnt come back till it hits something and will keep going even
if it wasn't thrown hard. The only other way is if it gets a hard tug
on his side of the rope.
Flaws: He hides from his dad a lot because he senses that he should not be part of the family even though it is in fact his dad!
Likes: His mechanical dog hammy, cool gadgets, big machines, and secret stuff.
toys that are supposed to do cool stuff [because he makes them way way
WAY better], mean girls, and [for some reason he doesn't know] HIS DAD!.
Powers: Can use fire.
Before camp half-blood: Was home schooled. Hides freom dad. pretty much all!
color: gray
starting point: In the off limits forrest.
example of rp: As I walked and walked I never knew all my trouble was JUST begginning!
about you character: He doesn't know what greek is! His name was so
obious his mom thought that if her son knew about greek he would easilly
put in the pieces so he is homeschooled and has a dad which is actually
a stepdad! His stepdad is a saytr!

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The Admin! =D

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