Arielle, an awesome end to my new charrie spree.

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Arielle, an awesome end to my new charrie spree.

Post  ThisIsSadlyNotSparta on Sun May 01, 2011 6:07 am

Name: Arielle Colette Lanour
Age: Around 13
Gender: Female
Eyes: Green
Hair: Dirty blond
Skin: Caucasian
Height: 5' 5"
Type: Demigod
Attitude: Tomboyish, rebellious, and never willing to stand down. Loves skateboarding and wrestling
Immortal Parent: Aphrodite
Mortal Parent: Adam Lanour
Country of Origin: France, spent some time in Haiti and Canada, moved to the US
Pets: Kylie the Pegasus: Shares with BFF, June
Talents: Skateboarding, can eat anything yet still stay amazingly thin, wrestling, pegasus riding
Weapon: Destiny the sword
Flaws: Doesn't make friends easily, hates parents
Likes: Skateboarding, wrestling, sports, Matt
Dislikes: Her parents, sissies, Barbies, supermodels, pink, rainbows
Powers: Can charmspeak
Life Before camp half-blood: Traveled a lot, has been in France, Canada, and Haiti, finally settling in Baton Rouge. Ran away when she was 8, reached the Roman camp and befriended Teddy, stayed for a few years, but didn't like it and ran away. Found the Hunters and met Matt, and traveled alongside them to Camp where she re-met June and met Aquilina.
color: Pink
Any notes about your characters: Has a crush on Matt


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Chloe, daughter of Demeter, loves animals
Olive, dryad, loves nature
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